Exhibition: Art is Language – Art.Language.Location

Location: On hoardings outside Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

Date: Until 29th October 2016

Details: The phrase Art is Language is repeated in acid colours across five identical poster designs over black & white background images. The images are close-up photographs of paintings of speech bubbles direct from the artist’s studio. Dribbles of oil paint evoke abstract expressionism, which are then contrasted by spray paint, which is associated more often with graffiti and street art.

In a unique handmade alphabet, the phrase Art is Language is scrawled across the background image, and beneath it–in the same handmade alphabet–is an anagram, one of five: Guitar as Angel; Gestural Again; Gargantua’s Lie; Great as Lingua; Laureating Gas. Each anagram relates to the creative disciplines of music, literature, poetry and art.

The message of Art is Language is simple: art is everywhere, and is a language just as common as the language that we read and speak daily; we just need to learn how to read it.