Exhibition: Winter Show 2016

Location: Bath Contemporary, Bath

Date: Until 28th January 2017

Details: A wonderful mixture of new paintings, ceramics, sculpture and original print from some of our favourite gallery artists, to include; colourful, cosy scenes from printmaker Frans Wesselman RE, delicate little porcelain bowls with rich glazes from Peter Wills, new oil spot glazed pots from Albert Montserrat literally dripping with glaze, irridescent raku fired pots from Neill Curren (new to the gallery), three new architectural vessels, stunning in their presence and showcasing the talented Mick Morgan, new paintings from Corinna Button RE, Moira Huntly RWA RSMA RI PPPS and Norma Stephenson, miniature etchings from Peter Ford RE (magnifying glass necessary!) and intricate wood engravings from the widely collected George Tute RWA RE.