Opportunity: Liverpool Print Fair

Deadline: 5th February 2017

Fee: Each stallholder will be allocated a 6ft x 3ft space which will cost £35. If you require a table to be hired for your space, this will be an extra £5 on top of the £35 fee and will measure 6ft x 2ft.

Half tables available at £20 for those who don’t feel they could fill a whole stall with their work, which includes the price for the tabletop.

There will be a limited number of spaces located in the main entrance to The Bluecoat which will cost £45, plus £5 for table hire.

Details: Liverpool Print Fair is a joint venture from The Print Social and Bluecoat Print Studio, gathering the very best in print from artists and designers who choose to work with traditional print methods. The fair is a celebration of printmaking in a variety of forms including screen printing, linocut, etching, woodcut and more.

This year the fair will run on Saturday 8th April 2017.

Original prints created using traditional and non-traditional print media can be sold at the fair. The aim of Liverpool Print Fair is to celebrate the methods used to create the printed works as much as the content and quality. Stalls will be more likely offered to those with quality work which is created using traditional printing methods, over those who work solely in digital mediums.

We’re looking for a diverse range of styles from our stallholders as we know there’s so much you can do with print.

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