Exhibition: Richard Spare and Robert Greenhalf

Location: Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge

Date: 11th February – 5th March 2017

Details: Richard Spare’s work derives from nature and travel. The garden he has designed at his studio in Charlton is a rich source of inspiration. Filled with hollyhocks, foxgloves, poppies and wisteria, it is a small haven for wildlife and has been a starting point for many of his prints. Richard’s studio is a homage to the art of printmaking, with its lovingly-restored antique etching presses, housed in a converted Victorian coach house.

Robert works mainly in woodcut and oils. His earlier woodcuts were printed in black and hand-coloured with watercolour, whilst more recent ones involve the cutting and printing of a separate block for each colour.

His subjects are mainly wildlife, domestic animals, and landscape. He places great emphasis upon observing and sketching in the field and his watercolours are frequently made directly from life. This approach lends a lively spontaneity and authenticity to the work, which is often difficult to achieve in the studio.