Exhibition: Picasso Linocuts

Location: Cooper Gallery, Barnsley

Date: Until 29th April 2017

Details: This stunning exhibition features 17 large linocut prints by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), on tour for the first time outside the British Museum.

Lino cutting was a technique that Picasso explored in the late 1950s and early 1960s and the prints included in this exhibition were made in 1962 when Picasso was 80 years old. This artworks featured will include prints showing the development of two key Picasso prints from that year: ‘Jacqueline Reading’ – depicting his wife and muse – and the ‘Still Life under the Lamp’.

This exhibition reveals two differing ways that Picasso made his linocuts. In the Still Life he used just one piece of lino, building up the brilliantly coloured final image through successively printing different colours and progressively cutting away its surface. Such a method did not allow any room for error and shows Picasso’s creative powers were undimmed despite his age. The print of his wife was made by combining two pieces of lino, one boldly cut with the outline and the other worked over to create tone and texture.

Image credit: Gareth Jones