Exhibition: James McDonald

Location: Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow

Date: 5th – 28th May 2017

Details: Here is a small selection of intaglio prints that I have made over the last few years, including one or two which are reworked and hand-coloured impressions of far older plates that I had long thought lost. Also included are a few impressions from my ongoing suite of etched and woodcut portraits, ‘Darkness Has Its Uses’.

Initiated in an unexpected and frankly undesired burst of activity in 2016, last year I gathered some of these together in a modest publication of the same name, of which the journalist Clare Henry wrote; “James McDonald is a great printmaker, but as his recent book illustrates, he can also write …the best description of printmaking I have ever read.” A small number of these limited edition booklets will be available for sale, each signed and numbered.

James McDonald was born in Stirling, studied at Edinburgh College of Art (1974 -1978), and began working in the field of printmaking (advanced intaglio techniques) on completion of his post-graduate year there in 1979.

Image credit: James McDonald