Exhibition: Three – Landscapes of the Mind and Earth

Location: The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, London

Date: 8th May – 6th July 2017

Details: THREE brings together three professional artists and a central theme exploring contrasts and connections, with reference to the past configuring the work of each artist. The exhibition offers perceptive views into ways in which each artists respond to the world. It contemplates our external and internal relationships with life and how we hold onto things and the moments we love most before they disappear.

The featured artists are Victoria Cantons, Steve Edwards and Amanda Taylor. Victoria Cantons utilises a studio based routine with writing, photography and drawing as the basis for oil paintings which explore personal psychological landscapes in a multi layered and unconventional life. Steve Edwards’ lino prints are the result of repeated visits to ruined abbeys in Northern England through which he contemplates humanity and our fragile and delicate relationships with the past. Amanda Taylor is drawn to her native Hampshire and Sussex, which are the inspiration for printing techniques that create (often remembered) impressions of landscape,plant and animal life as well as natures abstract formations.

Image credit: Amanda Taylor