Exhibition: Traces in the Void by Sarah Roach

Location: The Smallprint Company, Derby

Date: Until 27th May 2017

Details: “In the summer of 2015 I began visiting a new place to walk my dog. The hills in this place were covered in these amazing golden grasses. The light and the wind caught them in a way that I can’t even begin to describe, my words could never do it justice.

I started photographing them, observing the changes as the weeks and months passed. As summer started to change, into autumn, and then winter the grass began to fade. It changed from a shimmering dense golden sea to a chaotic mass of lines and shapes all projecting off in different directions. The grasses became a trace of what they once were and eventually faded away to nothing, waiting to begin it all again in spring.

These explorations in photographic etching (Photpolymer) try to capture the marks, the lines and the space created by the grasses as the seasons changed.”

Image credit: Sarah Roach