Exhibition: Emotive Landscapes

Location: The Witham, Barnard Castle

Date: Until 20th May 2017

Details: Working across painting, printmaking and drawing, celebrated artists Dawn Brookes, Debbie Loane and Andrew Dalton come together to present a stunning exhibition of abstracted, emotive landscapes.

Debbie Loane: ‘I come from a largely agricultural background. As a painter working with the landscape I am constantly challenged to create work which acknowledges the romantic splendour of the Northern landscape, whilst at the same time being conscious that my work is rooted in the daily practicalities of rural life. As a result my work can take many forms.’

Andrew Dalton: ‘As an artist, I am fascinated by black and white. In print, painting and drawing I use black, and its gradations to white, as the vehicle through which I express myself. Whether figurative or abstract, my imagery represents a personal narrative; a distillation of moments that represent experience. A dragonfly, bird or figure can represent itself or the memory of an event, place or time. I try to create images that offer the viewer ambiguous forms to consider and fill with their own meaning.’

Dawn Brooks: ‘I create abstract monochrome prints that are stark, intimate and expressive. By combining drawing with drypoint etching and collagraph, I develop the printing plate, instinctively reacting to marks as they are made. The process retains a spontaneity and fluidity whilst exploiting the technical discipline of printmaking. The layering of abstract mark making gives the prints a subtlety and depth which accentuates their physical presence. The sequence and rhythm of lines creates the illusion of floating between, or passing through, veils of thin air.’

Image credit: Andrew Dalton