Exhibition: Tracing Memory

Location: West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield

Date: 27th May – 8th July 2017

Details: This specially selected exhibition presents a collection of works which explore the rich possibilities of print and differing conceptual approaches to image-making.

Curated by Katherine Jones in partnership with West Yorkshire Print Workshop, the show brings together four established artists, linked by their printmaking practice and their association with the Art Academy in South London.

Each art work in the show exists as a result of processes – expertise and experimentation with techniques and materials; enquiry, research and intuition.  There is a thread running through all the work in which the print becomes a trace of investigation, an accumulation of thinking, feeling and mark-making.

Victoria Browne’s topiary-inspired motifs are ‘hand-carved structural formations, emulating the pruning and shaping of our own personal constructs’ drawing on a consideration of man’s desire to control nature.

Susan Corke’s images engage with technology and mechanical reproduction of a different kind – of photography and etching.  Among her interests are science and story-telling.

Knowledge and experience inform Theodore Ereira-Guyer’s prints in a different way.  He draws on a wide range of sources to make work which poses questions about how we understand things we cannot experience, or share beliefs of what is possible to know or not know.  Etchings and woodcuts, but also photography and sculpture, make up his practice.

Katherine Jones makes richly-textured, painterly prints combining collagraph, block-print and etching.  The relatively simple processes she employs (for example, cardboard stencils) belie the sophistication and emotional depth of the work.  Recurring motifs, such as playground structures, greenhouses, trees and bath tubs, evoke ideas of shelter, safety, containment and protection.  But they also carry with them feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, and undercurrents of disquiet.

Image credit: Victoria Browne/Susan Corke/Theodore Ereira-Guyer/Katherine Jones