Exhibition: The Tea Bowl Collection

Location: Kevis House Gallery, Petworth, West Sussex

Date: Until 25th June 2017

Details: The Tea Bowl Collection exhibition will show works by local artist Ann Symes. Working with the ancient technique of Japanese woodblock printing (Moku hanga), Symes has created a body of work which she entitles The Tea Bowl Collection.

“The Tea Bowl Collection has a quality of stillness and presence giving the images a quiet strength which is expressed through the placement of the vessel, an ancient symbol of containment, emptiness, fullness, offering and sharing and the space in which it sits. From time to time the vessel recurs as an image in Ann’s work and appears again in her sensitive bowls formed from handmade paper. They express a fragile vulnerability accentuated when torn edges are held together by thread as if repairing a wound.” Ann Symes 2017.

Japanese woodblock printing is an ancient method of producing prints (dating back to 8th century), which differs from other printmaking methods in that neither a press nor printing inks are used.  Instead watercolour paints or gouache with a little nori paste added, are brushed onto the woodblock then dampened, sized Japanese paper is placed on the block and a print is taken by rubbing firmly with a baren (a flat disc shaped tool traditionally made from bamboo).

Image credit: Ann Symes