Opportunity: Bradford Print Fair

Deadline: 16th June 2017

Entry Fee: Contact thebradfordprintfair@gmail.com for more information

Details: Despite Bradford’s rich and illustrious print heritage, there isn’t a print festival!

Until now!

The Bradford Print Fair is an initiative by local illustrator Katie Holmes and aspiring theatre producer Anna Parker, who aim to establish a print fair in Bradford worthy of its stature and heritage as a print city. The event brings together creators, makers and lovers of design and print to celebrate emerging and established talent. From original prints and affordable gifts, there is something for everyone. The inaugural print fair will take place as part of the North Parade Festival in Bradford, 22nd July 2017.

To apply email thebradfordprintfair@gmail.com

The Bradford Print Fair is also a Crowd Funder project. They are seeking £600 to cover costs in producing and marketing the event.The aim is to carry the event forward in partnership with others to establish a print festival for Bradford.

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Image credit: Bradford Print Fair