Exhibition: David Hockney – Selling Exhibition

Location: Babylon Gallery, Ely

Date: Until 23rd July 2017

Details: Following our highly successful Chagall exhibition, the Babylon Gallery is delighted to bring you David Hockney selling exhibition. Hockney is one of the most popular and influential artists of the twentieth century.

Hockney began working on etchings for Grimm’s Fairy Tales in the late sixties. He had made some experimental prints inspired by ‘Rumpelstiltzchen’ in 1961 and 1962 and now wanted to make a whole book.  He loved the stories and had read all 220 of them over the years.  He eventually chose twelve stories but only did engravings for six.

The work of engraving the copper plates was carried out by Hockney with his assistant Maurice Payne on special tables set up in the Powys Terrace studio.  The acid baths were kept on the balcony outside, because otherwise the fumes would have filled the whole flat. The finished etchings formed a more complex project than anything he had attempted before.  His new technique of cross-hatching instead of using aquatint achieves a much richer range of tones.  The fairy tale illustrations show an extraordinary range of imagery including portraiture, landscapes, architecture, imaginative compositions and pure inventions.

Image credit: David Hockney