Exhibition: Frea Buckler – Luminous

Location: Jealous Gallery East, London

Date: 21st – 27th July 2017

Details: Frea Buckler’s first London solo exhibition is the eagerly awaited outcome of a long-term artistic relationship between British female artist Frea Buckler and curator Anna Smithson, owner of Smithson Gallery.

Frea explores a continual line of enquiry with her unique screen printing process. Refusing to succumb to trends, her sights are set on the long game within the art-world. Frea embraces chance and rejects planning, preferring to work instinctively, creating multiple works derived from the limitation of one single shape. She prints with perfection and uniformity, employing flat colour and sharp edges. Her work is reminiscent of the geometric abstraction movement, drawing inspiration from the likes of Carmen Herrera and Agnes Martin.

Luminous will present Frea’s sculptures for the first time alongside her unique screen prints. An exhibition filled with dynamic shapes, blazing colour and dreamlike luminosity, a result of Frea’s thorough investigation of possibility from limitations. Using Instagram as her sketchbook Frea’s account is quickly gathering momentum; thousands of followers trace her compelling map of colour, form, influence and background.

Image credit: Frea Buckler