Exhibition: Allan Davies

Location: Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester, West Sussex

Date: 20th June – 2nd July 2017

Details: An exhibition to celebrate over 40 years of etching by Allan Davies.

“The exhibition spans the period from being an eighteen year old student in the 1970s at Bath Academy of Art through to a now retired art teacher in my early sixties, who now has more time to explore the medium.

The prints show experimentation in the medium as a student and since my college days I continued to explore printmaking with my subject matter being mainly the female nude and more recently, dramatic sky/landscape scenes.

Processes used: –

ACIDS – Nitric, Dutch mordant and Ferric chloride
METALS – Zinc and Copper
GROUNDS – Hard ground, soft ground and Aquatint

I would also like to stress that this printing process is a totally ‘hands on’ experience and involves no automation. Each print has been inked and hand printed.”

Image credit: Allan Davies